Daily Offers and Your Privacy

At Daily Offers we’ve always been committed to protecting your privacy. The app has never collected or transmitted any personally identifiable data and never will.

Daily Offers 1.3 through to 2.1.3 used Tapstream to collect anonymous usage data for marketing purposes. This data was used to help us understand which features of the app were used the most. It was also used to measure how successful our advertising of the app was (so-called conversion tracking).

For Daily Offers 2.2, we wanted to take safeguarding your privacy further. From version 2.2 onwards, Daily Offers no longer makes use of Tapstream or any other equivalent service.

It’s possible to verify this claim by configuring a proxy server between an iOS device and the Wi-Fi network it’s connected to. This lets you see all Internet communication both to and from any app installed on the device. The screenshot below shows the network traffic for Daily Offers 2.2 (click to enlarge):

The Internet traffic for Daily Offers

As you can see, it communicates with a single server that provides it with the offer data. By contrast, the screenshot below shows the network traffic for another popular supermarket offers app:

The Internet traffic for a popular supermarket offers app

Unlike Daily Offers, this app sends usage data to at least five third-party ad and marketing networks and analytics services, including Appoxee, DoubleClick, Facebook, Google Analytics and Mobile App Tracking.